We open for the 2024 season on Good Friday (29th March)

We will be open from Thursday to Mondays from  April to June (closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

This season we plan to open 7 days through July and August!

We open from 11am til 4pm and look forward to welcoming you to our delightful little island!


Game of Drones

Thanks to Mark O'Dowd from Cork for taking some lovely drone pictures on a delightful summers day!

Gylen castle from high and far with a great view of Seil and Scarba:

Gylen Castle with the Tea Garden in the background and the seemingly tropical looking waters!

Google earth like shot directly above the Tea Garden:

A stunning hazy summers day with the Tea Garden, Bunkhouse and Bell Tent!

Amazing Gylen Castle

BBC's Countryfile visit us on Kerrera!

We're delighted to say that we featured on this weeks edition of Countryfile!

Anita Rani and the film crew visited a few weeks ago on a murky summers day and got to experience island life Kerrera style!

You can watch the programme on the BBC iPlayer here

We had Anita in the kitchen making scones and having a blether, then she helped Izzy fix up the bell tent ready for some guests!

She even featured as a guest referee in our Teapot Olympics....see the post below!

Kerrera Teapot Olympics!

Hello (Tea related) Sports Fans!

We're happy to announce that the Tea Pot Olympics is well and truely under way over on our Facebook page! We've had a couple of rounds already but you can still influence the winners if you pop over HERE

We were delighted to welcome the Countryfile team to Kerrera today and even managed to rope Anita Rani into a guest referee spot for the battle of the big hitting wee guys: Merry-merry go round V Tudor Mansions. 

Below you can see some of the feisty competitors in the aesthetics athletics:

The Hunt V The Hoose! (The Hoose won!)

Spotted Dick V Big Red (Big Red Won!)

Lime Green Dream V Bird of Paradise (Lime Green Dream romped home to victory. This made Martin )

Merry-Merry-go-round V Tudor Mansions! 

Braziliant V Floral Joy (Coming soon!)

Fundraising 2016


We're delighted and proud to say we reached an amazing milestone pof £4100 (at time of type!). We really are so lucky to have some many supportive friends, family and customers! Thank you all! The monies raised will be targeted directly to those who need it the most. We'll keep you posted hopefully with some pictures and stories of how the fund is helping people.

We're happy to announce that we have started a fundrasing campaign to help with those affected by the spike in cases of Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) as a result of the Zika epidemic.

We were lucky enough to travel to Brazil on our honeymoon this off season and little did we expect the amount of media coverage that the country was getting relating to the rare autoimmune condition. 10 years ago Martin had a severe case of GBS so he knows all too well the strain on hospitals, families and the individuals themselves to battle back to health. In Brazil and other South American countries there are many clinics struggling to cope with a spike in the condition that is being triggered by the Zika virus. 

GBS is 100 years old this year and fittingly, Glasgow will host the world symposium on June 24th. The day before, June 23rd, we have pledged to donate 100% of all money made at the Tea Garden and will welcome any donations made by kind patrons between now and then.

At the time of typing this we are almost a quarter of the way to our target of £5000! If you can spare a few quid we would be delighted if you can donate online following this link Fundrazr Site

The Oban times ran the story this week and we're hoping to get the word spread far and wide so get in touch if you can help.

It's the blooming end of season already!

The cafe is now closed, we open on Good Friday 2016!

We cannot believe we are posting our closing date already! This season has flown by after our amazing wedding way back in March! 

Our last day of cafe opening is MONDAY 28th of SEPTEMBER, 10:30am until 4:30pm. The garden is still looking spectacular so come along and see us and for those that cannot make it, Aideen has been snap happy with some of the more majestic specimens.....name that flower :)

From us and Colin, our guard owl, we'd like to thank everyone who made 2015 so special. We look forward to welcoming friends old and new next year from Good Friday!

Aideen and Martin

Certificate of Excellence Award!

Hello Friends! Just a wee heads up to say we will be closed for the Triathlon this coming weekend (5th/6th September)

We've been riding high this month on the back of our Certificate of Excellence award from Trip Advisor! At time of writing we are sitting pretty at number 5 out of over 80 eateries in and around Oban! High praise indeed and especially pleasing as it comes from customers directly!

We've still to decide for sure what date we will close for the season but for certain we'll be open over the final weekend of September (26/27th Sept). We'll keep an eye on the weather and keep you posted on whether we'll be open in the final week days.

If in doubt feel free to give us a bell on 01631 566367

Breathtaking Kerrera!

We're super excited to present a short film by our friend Borja at Wav Lab Studios! We expected something special but what he has produced is just astounding. If you're in any doubt of the beauty that Kerrera has to offer, sit back and marvel at nature at it's finest! (It deserves full screen and HD!)

Kerrera from Wav Lab Studio on Vimeo.

Tasty treats for Summer 2015!

We're excited to present a new regular on our specials board for Summer 2015 that features some of the best hot smoked salmon Scotland has to offer!

The Green Shack in Oban is legendary and a firm favorite of ours when we make a rare foray off the island in the summer. The owner, John Ogdon, is passionate about seafood and produces some of the most flavoursome, tender, hot smoked salmon money can buy and we're putting it in a superb new sandwich!

We've also been working on new home made bread for all our sandwiches and salads. The Little Sourdough bakery have been key in helping to guide us through the whole process of creating and using a unique Kerrera Sourdough Starter that we use instead of yeast to help our loaves rise. We're still using 100% Doves Farm Organic flour and the only other ingredients are water and kosher salt. 

We've just taken delivery of our new pigs that we keep up at Balliemore Farm with our neighbours Gill and Tim. This is the third year we've kept these amazing animals and we're delighted to be able to share some of the craft charcuterie creations that are starting to bear fruit!

Air dried ham or proscuitto/parma/serrano, depending where you are, is the longest of long game craft creations! We cured these full legs in October 2014 and they have been hanging, drying and maturing ever since. 

The resulting creation is a real delight and even though we only have a few legs, we're still planning on pairing some wafer thin slices with some avocado smash on sourdough toast at various points in the season!

A Warm and Wintry Welcome to 2015!

We'd like to welcome you all to 2015 with some snaps from a delightfully wintry Kerrera. We're glad to say the storms have not affected Gylen Castle, it's still as breathtaking on any day but especially when the sun shines and the waves crash!

(PS, We open the cafe on Friday April 4th!)

There have been quite a few days of full snow coverage which is a first for us. It really makes for a magical scene but thankfully, for the animals sake, it was short lived. Enough time for a few hours sledging and snapping!

The peaks of Cruachan will have a cover of snow probably into March, it's nice when they escape the cloud and show off for us to see here.

A very cute and probably very early new arrival on Kerrera. Mum and Dad were close but I was able to sit it for a few minutes and say hi.

The winter really does bring a different level of sunset, and the bonus is we see it every day! Super pinks on this one.

On Facebook, we have a new Fan Album, where we are happy to post some of your best pictures of the island. Feel free to get on board and send any pictures to us on the email below:

Call us on 01631 566367 or email info@kerrerabunkhouse.co.uk